About Us

Powered by Vitrosens Biotechnology, VetFor is dedicated to the development, manufacture, and delivery of reliable, high-quality, and innovative in vitro diagnostic tools for veterinary use. With our robust portfolio encompassing products such as lateral flow immunoassays, fluorescence immunoassays (FIA), and molecular diagnostic (PCR) kits; more than 100 employees, a 5000 m² production center, and a rapidly growing production network, we have become a reliable supplier of many rapid diagnostic test kits for livestock and companion animals. Our primary objective is to provide reliable, efficient, accessible, and sustainable diagnostic solutions for all sectors of animal breeding, care, and treatment. With particular emphasis on the diagnosis of common and consequential infections, our products support veterinary practitioners in the screening, diagnosis, and follow-up of a wide range of diseases affecting cat, dog, and cattle health.

about us
Vetfor Veterinary Rapid Tests

Our Mission

Our team is committed to understand, meet, and exceed the diagnostic needs of veterinary practitioners. As a research-oriented high-tech company, we invest in original product development and work on the optimization of our products with our qualified R&D team consisting of professionals with more than 6 years of experience in their fields. In addition, our comprehensive quality management system applying international standards (EN ISO 13485 & EN ISO 9001) guarantees safety of use and maximum accuracy under all conditions to ensure prompt intervention and optimal care.

Vetfor Veterinary Rapid Tests