Veterinary PCR Tests

VetFor™ α-CoV Type I Detection Kit

This kit is designed to detect coronavirus type I (CoV- I) in the samples of nasal swab, throat swabs and fecal samples of dogs and cats by using fluorescent RT-PCR method.



Simple and rapid detection by RT-PCR
High sensitivity
Adaptable user interface
Comprehensive results
Easy-to-use operating system

Box Content

✓ Extraction Buffer
✓ Test Cassette
✓ Dropper
✓ Sample Collection Tube
✓ Instruction for Use

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Order Information

REF No. Name Species Specimen Kit Size
VVC01 VetFor™ α-CoV Type I Detection Kit Ca/Fe N/T/F 8 T

Ca: Canine, Fe: Feline, N: Nasal Swab, T: Thorat Swab, F: Fecal