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Automated Nucleic Acid Extractor & Real-time PCR Quantitative PCR Instrument

VetFor™ Veterinary PCR System, which is the gold standard in pathogen diagnosis, is used to amplify pathogen nucleic acids and it is designed to provide quantitative analysis with real-time polymerase chain reaction.


Fast, fully automated system
Maximum sensitivity
User-friendly design and interface
Can be used with a wide range of samples and pathogens
8 simultaneous pathogen/patient analyses
Computer connection with Wi-Fi
Personalized PDF report

Nucleic Acid Extractor Instrument

Performance Parameters
Product Name Nucleic Acid Extractor Instrument
Technic Principle Magnetic rod method
Size 226*207*205 mm
Weight 3.7 kg
Power Features AC 110V/220V 50/60Hz
Storage and Transport Moisture proof, drop resistant
Working Sound <70 dB
Working Conditions Features

10°C ~ 40°C
%10 – %90 RH, non-condensing
2000 m
Magnetic Particle Back Acquisition Rate >%92
Extraction Time <8 minutes 3 Hz
Contamination Control Ultra violet disinfection
Difference between channels CV  %5

Quantitative RT-PCR Device

Performance Parameters
Product NameReal-time PCR Quantitative PCR Instrument
Size268*236*188 mm
Weight4.5 kg
Power FeaturesAC 110V/220V 50/60Hz
WANTCP/IP protocol, ethernet connection
Storage and TransportProtected against moisture and impacts
Working Sound50 dB
Working Conditions Features
10°C ~ 35°C
%10 – %95 RH, non-condensing
Standart Atmosphere Pressure
2000 m
Thermal Parametes
Temperature Sensitivity:
Temperature Homogeneity:
Temperatur Control:
Rate of temperatue increase and decrease:


Optic Parameters
FAM Detection Wavelength:
HEX Detection Wavelength:
FAM Fluorescence Excitation Wavelength:
HEX Fluorescence Excition Wavelenght:

520 nm ± 10 nm

570 nm ± 10 nm
495 nm ± 10 nm
535 nm ± 10 nm
Display7 inch colour touch screen

Test Items

REF No.NameSpeciesKit Size
VVC01α-CoV Type I Detection KitCa/Fe8T
VVC04FPV Detection KitFe8T
VVC05Toxoplasma Gondii Detection KitCa/Fe8T
VVC06Chlamydia Detection KitCa/Fe8T
VVC07Bartonella Henselae Detection KitCa/Fe8T
VVC08Cryptosporidium Detection KitCa/Fe8T
VVC09Mycoplasma Detection KitCa/Fe8T
VVC10FIV Detection KitFe8T
VVC11FeLV Detection KitFe8T
VVC17Trichomonas Foetus Detection KitCa/Fe8T
VVC21CAV-I Detection KitCa8T
VVC22CAV-II Detection KitCa8T
VVC23CPIV Detection KitCa8T
VVC24CDV Detection KitCa8T
VVC25CPV Detection KitCa8T
VVC26Babesia Detection KitCa/Fe8T
VVC28Ehrilichia Detection KitCa/Fe8T
VVC31Brucella Detection KitCa/Fe8T
VVC34H.pylori Detection KitCa/Fe8T

Ca: Caline, Fe: Feline