Veterinary Rapid Tests

C Adeno Virus Antibody (CAV Ab) Rapid Test Kit (IFA)

This test kit is an in vitro diagnostic tool intended for quantitative determination of antibodies specific to Canine Adenovirus (CAV) in canine serum samples


✓  Aids in the evaluation of the stage of CAV infection
✓  Concentration level is given by printer
✓  Automated and objective results
✓  Flexible and user-centered operating system
✓  Results are suitable for exportation

Box Content

✓  Extraction Buffer
✓  Test Casette
✓  Swab
✓  Instruction for Use
✓  RFID Card

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CAV Rapid Antibody Test Kit (FIA) is a fluorescent immunoassay for the quantitative detection of antibodies against canine adenovirus (CAV) in canine serum samples.

Canine adenoviruses (CAV) consists of two major serotypes. Canine adenovirus-1 causes severe liver disease in dogs, whereas canine adenovirus-2 usually cause a mild respiratory disease known as kennel cough. In dogs with weak or compromised immunities, canine adenoviruses (CAV) can lead to severe complications including liver failure and pneumonia.

Our CAV Rapid Antibody provides an accurate, time- efficient, and fully automated method to support veterinary professionals in the diagnosis of canine adenoviruses (CAV) for the initiation of timely and optimal treatment. It is suitable for use with our Veterinary Immunofluorescent Analyzer.

Order Information

REF No. Name Species Specimen Kit Size
VVP13 CAV Rapid Antibody Test Kit(FIA) C S 10 T