Veterinary FIA Test Kits

fNT-proBNP Rapid Test Kit (FIA)

This test kit is designed for qualitative  detection of fNT-proBNP in feline serum or plasma samples.


Simple and easy procedure
Adaptable user interface
Extensive and fast results
User-friendly operating system
Maximized sensitivity

Box Content

✓  Test Cassette
✓  Sample Collection Tube
✓  Dropper
✓  Extraction Buffer
✓  IC card
✓  Instruction for Use (IFU)


We Care About Your Animal's Health

fNT-proBNP Rapid Test Kit (FIA) is a fluorescent immunoassay for the in vitro qualitative detection of fNT-proBNP  levels in feline serum and plasma samples.

Pro-hormone produced by heart muscle cells is elevated due to myocardial wall stress.  Once released into the blood, it is cleaved into BNP and NT-proBNP. NT-proBNP is more suitable as a biomarker for diagnosing heart disease in felines due to its longer half-life and stability. NT-proBNP correlates with heart size and systolic function, suggesting that levels can be used to detect heart diseases such as Congestive Heart Failure and Cardiomyopathy.

Our fNT-proBNP Rapid Test Kit (FIA) measures the concentration of fNT-proBNP in feline serum and plasma samples, helping veterinarians diagnose heart disease in felines and monitor treatment.

Order Information

REF No.NameSpeciesSpecimenKit Size
VVP24fNT-proBNP Rapid Test Kit (FIA)FeS/P10 T

Fe: Feline, S: Serum, P: Plasma