Veterinary PCR Tests

VetFor™ Rabies Virus Detection Kit

This kit is created for qualitative detection of Rabies Virus (RV) in nasal, throat swab samples and whole blood samples of canine and feline using fluorescent RT-PCR method.


Simple and rapid detection by RT-PCR
Easy and safe procedure
Adaptable user interface
Accurate and readable results
Efficient methodology

Box Content

✓ Extraction Buffer
✓ Test Cassette
✓ Dropper
✓ Sample Collection Tube
✓ Instruction for Use

Order Information

REF No.NameSpeciesSpecimenKit Size
VVC29VetFor™ Rabies Virus Detection KitCa/FeN/T/WB8 T

Ca: Canine, Fe: Feline,  N: Nasal Swab, T: Throat Swab, WB: Whole Blood