Veterinary FIA Test Kits

TSH Rapid Test Kit (FIA)

This test kit is intended for the qualitative detection of Thyroid stimulating hormone in canine serum or plasma samples.


Simple and reliable procedure
Adaptable user interface
Extensive results
Safe test operating system
Maximized sensitivity

Box Content

✓  Test Cassette
✓  Sample Collection Tube
✓  Dropper
✓  Extraction Buffer
✓  IC card
✓  Instruction for User (IFU)

We Care About Your Animal's Health

TSH Rapid Test Kit (FIA) is a fluorescent immunoassay for the quantitative determination of cTSH in canine serum and plasma samples.

TSH is among the major regulators of thyroid function in dogs. Abnormal TSH levels may be a significant indicator of thyroid dysfunction, especially hypothyroidism, the most common endocrine disease in dogs.

Our TSH Rapid Test Kit (FIA) provides an accurate, time-efficient, and fully automated method to assist veterinary professionals in the screening, diagnosis, and monitoring of thyroid disease in dogs. It is suitable for use with our Veterinary Immunofluorescent Analyzer.

Order Information

REF No.NameSpeciesSpecimenKit Size
VVP03TSH Rapid Test Kit (FIA)CaS/P10 T

Ca: Canine, S: Serum, P: Plasma